April 18, 2014 Shooting at Elizabeth Police on North Avenue


The NJ Cop Shot program has posted a reward of $20,000 dollars leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect responsible for shooting at Elizabeth Police officers Friday afternoon, April 18 2014. 

At around 3 p.m., Elizabeth police officers interrupted a robbery in progress of Bayway Scrap Metal. The suspects fled in U-haul truck and a pursuit ensued. During the pursuit the suspects fired at police. The suspects crashed into a police car and the suspects fled. An intensive manhunt captured four suspects but one remains at large.

New Jersey State PBA Executive Vice President Keith Dunn said, “The officers are lucky to be uninjured but we want to send a clear message with this reward. Anyone who would think of shooting at police should know we will put all the resources and manpower necessary to track them down.”

NJ Cop Shot is a program run by the New Jersey State PBA

Anyone with information leading to the capture and conviction of the suspect should call Elizabeth Police at 908-558-2000 or Union County Crime Stoppers at (908) 654-8477.

NJ COP SHOT website


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