Latest Cases

Shooting at Elizabeth Police on North Avenue

The NJ Cop Shot program has posted a reward of $20,000 dollars leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect responsible for shooting at Elizabeth Police officers Friday afternoon, April 18 2014.

Passaic Officer brutaly Beaten

In the early morning hours (2:52 AM) of November 17, 2012, a plain clothes police sergeant, in a marked unit arrived at a disturbance outside the Zarco Lounge on Main Street in Passaic. Three uniformed officers were speaking to people in the crowd when the sergeant went around the corner to speak to a person. As the sergeant spoke to the man, three men attacked the sergeant and knocked him unconscious.

Newark Officer Killed

Officers Mike Runyon and Gene Palumbo were patrolling near the 600 block of Stuyvesant Avenue just before midnight when they heard gunshots. They rolled down their windows to look for the source of the noises and found their SUV had been hit by four rounds of bullets. A total of six shots had been fired.
The NJ COP SHOT Program is administered by the NJ State PBA Survivor and Welfare Fund. Rewards of $20,000 will be offered for the arrest and conviction of individuals responsible for the killing or seriously wounding of any New Jersey Law Enforcement Officer regardless of union or department affiliation.
In the early morning hours of January 7, 2007, 23-year-old rookie Paterson Police Officer Tyron D. Franklin was placing an order at a fast food eatery in Paterson. The rookie officer was in plain clothes and off duty. He had no idea a gang member was about to rob the establishment. Officer Franklin fought with the attacker and was shot several times. The attacker fired two more shots after witnesses identified Officer Franklin as a police officer. The suspect fled into the darkness of the night. What transpired over those several seconds claimed Officer Franklin’s life but inspired the creation of NJ COP SHOT.